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13 June 2011 @ 01:03 pm
[FIC] My Super Girl; Part 5  
Title: My Super Girl
Pairing: Yesung/Reader
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own Yesung in my dreams.
Summary: It’s a fortunate accident.


You are unconscious for more than sixteen hours. After the doctors said that your operation went well, Jongwoon sighs in relief, thanking the almighty for giving you a second chance to live. He never dared to leave your side. He wanted that once you open your eyes, he will be the first one you’ll see.

He watches you sleep while everything happened flashed back in his mind. He thinks you’re really insane for risking your life just for him. He thought he should be the one saving you but instead, the brave and strong girl he knew kicked in you. You didn’t even let him protect you that night. ‘Sometimes, I wonder if you’re an idiot.’ He chuckles.

‘You know, my heart jumped out of me when I saw you lying there, almost lifeless. I mean, I’m your boyfriend for almost a day now; I should be the one protecting you from the bad guys instead of you being my super girl. But I guess you are a pure stubborn girl and you actually thought that I’m always defenseless huh? Do I look easy to you?’ He continues to chuckle. ‘No matter what you think of me, I won’t leave you, okay? No matter how I look weak in your eyes, I will not leave you, not now, not ever because you are my better half.’

He stares at you when a tear rolled down your cheek. He wipes it off. ‘Don’t cry. As much as I hate it when you look a lot more stronger than I am, I hate seeing you sad, seeing you in pain, seeing you worry and most of all, seeing you broken. So please, never ever shed a tear again. I’ll do anything just to make you happy and contented.’

“Jongwoon-ah.” Your mom calls him, interrupting his mini-monologue inside his mind. “You should take a rest. You’ve been through a lot today.” She persuades him but failed.

“Aniyo, I’m fine auntie. I want to be by her side until she wakes up.”

Your mom stares at him and she smiled so lovingly to him. “You know, accidents happen. Don’t blame yourself if she’s in that state. I know my daughter so well; she always protects the people she truly loves.”

He smiles at your mom. “And I guess she loves me that much then?” She nods her head. “Just make sure to love my daughter hundred times more, future son-in-law.” He chuckles at the thought of being your future husband.

Your mom leaves to buy some lunch. It’s almost noon and Jongwoon doesn’t even blink his eyes, not wanting to miss the moment you’ll open yours.

“Hey, I wish you’ll wake up soon.”

As if on cue, you slowly open your eyes. It’s quite blurry and so you blinked so many times until you can perfectly see the room. Jongwoon holds your hand tighter. “You’re awake!” He exclaims and he kissed your hand. You smile because you love the feeling of him being by your side. You try to sit down so he assisted you to do so. You notice that he looked so pale and tired. “Did you sleep already?” You ask. You are actually worried because he is really pale, almost like he’s also sick.

“Ah, I haven’t. I’ve been up since last night.” He confesses which made you embrace him tight.

“You’re worried for me that much? Aigoo!” You pinch his cheeks and he winced in pain. “Ahh! Stop! It hurts! Ow.” You panic that he really might be hurt so you stopped but he laughed out loud seeing your very anxious face. “And you are worried for me that much?” You lightly punch him on his shoulder and he acted to be hurt again.

You ignore him and his childishness but then an arm is wrapped around your waist. You looked at the side and saw his face close to yours. You can feel your face warming up really fast. “Don’t do it again. I don’t want you to protect me. I never wanted you to protect me.”

“But I-“ He cuts her off. “No buts! I will protect you from now on princess. I know I might look easy on everybody’s eyes but trust me; I can totally protect you and myself. I don’t want you to be in this kind of situation again.”

“But don’t you think you should be thanking me that I saved you, again?” You reasoned out and he just glares at you.

“I almost had a heart attack! You little-”

“I’m sorry; I will not do something that risky again.” ‘But I can’t promise that I will stop risking my life because I’m willing to take another bullet just for you Jongwoon-oppa.’

It’s been a week and you finally came back to school. Jongwoon’s bullies missed you so much that they all gather in front of your desk and started telling you about how they didn’t dare to mess up with your precious Jongwoon.

“You should be thankful that we didn’t beat him up!” One of them bluntly said. “He’s really weird! How can you cling on him so much?” The other asks.

You just stare at them, not wanting to fight but what they said just got your blood boil in anger. “Just. Leave. Me. Alone.” You hissed and they all scramble back to their respective seats then Jongwoon, your awkward little boyfriend walk in and everybody stared at him.

“Uh, what did I do this time?” He nervously asks but they continued to glare. He made his way towards his seat next to yours and he greets you happily. You stare blankly at him. “What’s wrong?”

You are in deep thought that you didn’t realize he’s been poking your arm nonstop. You were thinking of how will you make your revenge on those classmates of yours and how will you make them leave Jongwoon alone. ‘He’s not weird. He’s just, I don’t know but he’s not weird. He’s awesome, really awesome. Why can’t they see it?’

“Hey?” You felt someone kissed your cheek. You instantly went back to reality, searching for the culprit, ready to punch his face but you only see Jongwoon smiling sheepishly at you and your classmates’ eyes widen in shock. “You two are together for real?”

You notice that he started to blush. ‘Aigoo, he’s so cute! I want him forever.’ You found yourself smiling and you answered, “Yes, got a problem with that?”

“Wow, I cannot believe that this weirdo will get such a pretty girlfriend, not to mention, she’s too confident, the exact opposite of him.”

You slam your hand on your desk which startled everyone, “If you don’t stop it, I swear you’re going to regret it.” The room fell silent.

“Sometimes you’re just scary.” Jongwoon whispers to you and he chuckled. You stare at him and a smile formed in your lips. ‘You don’t know how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. You keep on making me smile without any reason at all. It's like I'm going crazy because of you.’

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Rielle / 리 희 림angelrielle on June 13th, 2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
I told you it's fluff neh? haha, :p
(Deleted comment)
Rielle / 리 희 림angelrielle on June 13th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
Hoho~ just believe me, nothing bad is going to happen. *cough*
Riyumyfairyland on June 26th, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
and of course, i've read this as well, duh! *bangs my head on the wall*
just saying, hahaha, just want you to know i already read this, and i want moar, rawr xD