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07 June 2011 @ 04:08 pm
[FIC] My Super Girl; Part 4  
Title: My Super Girl
Pairing: Yesung/Reader
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own Yesung in my dreams.
Summary: It’s a fortunate accident.


You two are walking home together, hand in hand when you suddenly felt someone is following you. It’s not like you’re scared but you worry that it’s like a déjà vu. You turn around, feeling really uneasy but you tried to keep calm because you don’t want Jongwoon to panic. It’s confirmed. There’s really a guy following the two of you. To be exact, there are three.

You tighten your hold on him, trying to hide the uneasiness you are feeling. He just smiles to himself since you are holding him close to you. You are praying hard that nothing bad will happen and let the two of you be home safe.

‘Four more blocks, we will be at my house. All I need to do is let him in and stay there until morning. Yes, yes, that’s it. That’s the plan.’ You mentally do a ‘fighting’ sign and mentally pat your back for thinking of a plan.

“Hey. Are you okay?” Jongwoon suddenly stops walking, bending a little bit so he could meet your eyes. ‘Noooo! We should not stop walking!’

“A-ah, yes, I’m fine. L-let’s go.” You pull him and fasten your pace. Then you heard running footsteps from behind. ‘Shit! They are really following us!’

“Uh, is everything alright?” He asks, feeling quite panicky. He’s scared, more than scared that something’s bad going to happen again. They continue to walk fast until two guys appeared in front of them.

“Hold on. Aish.” One guy hisses. Jongwoon turns his head at the back and saw one guy with a gun. ‘Oh god. Not again please.’ He begs and prays in his mind as he holds you close to him. He secures you inside his arms. He’s afraid that it might happen again. The reason why he never fights back when he’s being threatened is because of a bad past. He doesn’t want to lose another person in his life. He cannot afford to lose you especially when you are his everything right now.

“Scared, aren’t we? Now, if you don’t want something bad to happen, just surrender your handphones, wallets and everything that is less worth than your life.”

“Scared your face jerk.” You retorted. Jongwoon panics. “Not the right time to be brave princess. Just comply with what they want.” He whispers but loud enough for the three men to hear. All of them smirk. “Oh princess, your little prince here is scared.”

“Yah! No one messes up with him or else.” You threaten. Yes, you aren’t scared but you mentally smack your head because you realized that you’re making things worst.

“Fine. Fine. Here, take my phone, my money, what else, uh, my earrings? Then go away. Leave us alone.”

When one of the guys walks over to your things, you hold Jongwoon’s hand tight. ‘Ready, one, two, three.’ “RUN!!!”

You drag him out and kicked the guy as he stumbles on the street. The two other guys started to run after the two of you. You curse under your breath when one of them shouted, “Run or I’ll shoot you!” You don’t mind them and just continued running because they are busy running after the two of you. There’s an intersection on the way and you thought of saving Jongwoon’s life. As you passed by that intersection, you push him on the side and started screaming for help. The neighborhood is alarmed and most of them rushed immediately outside their houses.

The two guys have nowhere to run since they are caught already and so the other guy but one of them decided to make your life in danger as he holds the trigger of the gun and shoots you twice. You didn’t feel pain because you are more than happy to know that Jongwoon is safe. Insane? Yes but it doesn’t matter know right?

Your body lies down on the street as the neighborhood’s chief called for an ambulance. Jongwoon rushes towards your side and cries. You laugh at him and smiled. “You know, my life is worth risking if it’s for you.” Then everything went black.

Jongwoon cries as he continued to tell you to hold on. Inside the ambulance, he keeps on telling you to not leave him. When the ambulance arrives at the hospital, he got scared. He got so scared the he nearly faints. ‘No! This isn’t happening again!!!’ He yells inside his mind as he followed the stretcher where you were laying. When you entered the emergency room, the nurses block him and told him to just wait.

He stares blankly at the emergency room door. Your parents arrive, running and saw him in front of the door. “Jongwoon-ah, what happened?” Your mom cries as Jongwoon told him what exactly happened. Your dad almost strangled him but then your dad realized that it’s not his fault.

He finds himself in the hospital chapel. He sits and stared at the big cross placed in the middle of the altar. ‘Why am I here again? Why does it happen again? What have I done to you? Isn’t my brother enough? He got killed because of trying to protect an idiotic me. I know I provoked the guys from the gang before but I already suffered enough when I lost my brother. Now, am I losing another important person in my life again?’

Tears don’t stop falling in his cheeks. He never fought back because of the trauma he got when his brother saved him from a gang where he used to be part of. He lost his brother because of a trouble he did. So when he decides to start a new life, he avoids all the troubles that come his way. Even those high school seniors who bullied him on his first day to school, he doesn’t mind them. He just let them do what they want because he doesn’t want to hurt another person in his life. He’d rather be hurt than seeing another individual got hurt. But then, you came to his life. Everything changes. You are a one stubborn girl. You protect him even if he never asked you to do so. The brave little girl he fell in love with. He got used to you being around him at all times. Even though you keep on thinking that he is the one needed to be saved, he stays by your side because he wants to protect you as much as you wanted to protect him.
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