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01 June 2011 @ 07:32 pm
[FIC] My Super Girl; Part 3  
Title: My Super Girl
Pairing: Yesung/Reader
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own Yesung in my dreams.
Summary: It’s a fortunate accident.


You try to ignore Jongwoon as much as possible the whole day because you are being paranoid of what might happen when you aren’t sure of what your answer is. You even skip classes just to avoid him. As much as you worry about him being bullied in class, you also worry about a sudden confession he can make if ever your assumptions are right that he might be indirectly asking you if you like him too.

The afternoon, you’ve been hanging out alone at the music department’s rooftop. Earphones plugged in your ears, trying to empty your mind with pure music. You slowly fall asleep, listening to some love songs. As you are drifting to dreamland, Jongwoon finally found you.

He watches you sleep peacefully. He sat in front of you while your back is leaning against the wall, eyes shut, mind wandering somewhere else. “Why are you skipping classes?” He asks but chuckled as the thought of him looking stupid because of asking a sleeping person and hoping for a response. “Hmm…”

“I guess your answer is friendship huh? You are ignoring me the whole day, afraid that you might not know what to do once I confess to you.” He mumbles as he reached for the hair that’s covering your eyes, slowly putting those aside, feeling a slight sadness.

He decides to sit next to you and let your head rest on his shoulder instead of you leaning against the wall. He places his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him.

The sun sets and you are still sleeping. You are dreaming of something that you never expected. You abruptly wake up, almost ready to run and look for that certain someone but to your surprise, the person you’re about to run after is sitting next to you, sleeping. He looks so innocent while he sleeps and you didn’t notice that a smile is already visible to your face. You realize that his arms are wrapped around your waist and you instantly blush at the sudden closeness. You never had the chance to be this close to him because you were never the type of being affectionate towards a friend.

You then remember that you are supposed to give him an answer today, that you are hiding because you don’t know what to tell him and you think why he is here in the first place. ‘Did he look for me the then?’

You smile at the thought that he might be searching for you since you’ve been hiding from him. You giggle at the thought that he looks so adorable being lost.

‘Who am I to you?’ He mutters in his sleep. You are suddenly taken aback by the words that came out from him. You are lost in your thoughts when he pulled you closer to him, embracing you tight this time. You think that he likes to hug when he is sleeping but what you didn’t know is he’s already awake.

As your faces are closer to each other, he tried so hard to make his breathing calm, to make his heart beating normal even though his heart might explode anytime because you two are too close to each other. You stare at him, thinking of what he is to you, assessing your exact feelings for him.

“You are my best friend Jongwoon-ah. You are someone I wanted to protect, someone I don’t want to get hurt. I do love you as friend but why does my heart beating insanely when you’re near me? It beats hundred times faster. I get nervous, excited and feeling giddy with every little sweet action you do for me. And the fact that our faces our inches away right now, why is it still comfortable? Your arms around me, your hand intertwined in mine, why does it feel so right? Why is it like that?”

He heard you perfectly even though you mumbled most of the words. He might be looking relaxed at the moment but his mind, heart and everything else are dancing in joy. ‘It’s because you love me too.’ As much as he wants to open his eyes, he tried so hard to shut it tight because he can sense that you are still staring at him. He doesn’t know when the right timing to ‘wake up’ is.

You didn’t realize that you are slowly leaning closer to him, your lips reaching his. When your lips touched his, it’s too late to pull away because he already tightens the hold to your waist. ‘It feels so right, his lips brushing against mine.’

He’s stunned, too stunned that he cannot hold back anymore. When you two pulled away, slowly opening your eyes, you saw him smiling oh so lovingly to you, happiness is very visible to his face.

“Your answer is?” He inquires. You didn’t think twice. You’re sure what your answer is.

“Friendship is the first step to love. Like my brother said, both are important. It is, but maybe friendship is worth risking if it’s you whom I’m risking it with.” ‘Because I know that you won’t let me leave you because you know that it’s me who completes you.’

“You are so smart. You got my question right and your answer satisfied me a lot.” He says blissfully as he helped you get up. He pulls you in a bone-crushing hug and he whispered to your ears, “I love you so much.”

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Riyumyfairyland on June 2nd, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)
LMAO RAI IS BLUSHING, RAI IS BLUSHING *singsongs* *throws tons of bricks at Rai* Hyukkie doesn't care, Rai hahaha *being mean*
well me too blushing, but it's okay since yeye is my 5th bias, but i keep imagining hae muahahaha xD
yes yes they date and kiss kiss kiss :DDD