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Juliette's Obsession

You will always be my Romeo

Rielle / 리 희 림

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you are my everything.

Rielle – living in this world since 1990. A graduate of Economics who desire to be a help to her country’s growth and development but the sad reality of not being accepted changed her viewpoints in life and is now challenging herself to overcome her fears and weaknesses. A fan fiction writer wannabe, who tries hard to express her thoughts and ideas at the same time, be delusional of the one true pairings she shipped so hard. A girl who lives in her own world of fantasies and illusions. A girl who hates to be rejected and be betrayed by the people she treasures the most.

SHINee – Jinki, Jonghyun, Kibum, Minho and Taemin. Stars that I will forever treasure and be proud of. Being a fan of this shining group would be one of the happiness I ever felt. They are so precious that I want them to be together forever. Super Junior – the largest boy group in Asia who captured my heart for their teamwork and family-like group. I admire their strong will to support each other despite the challenges they faced. I believe that this group, no matter how long it takes, will stand in one stage again as thirteen plus two.

Korean Pop – a music genre that made me appreciate all other genres of music. Regardless of a totally different language from what I speak, this captured my heart to the fullest that I begin to fall in love not only with the genre but to the whole Korean culture as well.